Wide-Ranging Expertise to Help You Build World-Class Products

Product Engineering Services

Invaria provides end-to-end Design and Development services from technology vision, product conceptualization, rapid prototyping, robust design, high quality development and seamless deployment and support.

Our Design and Development practice offerings include:

  • Product Strategy & Definition
  • Design & Architecture
  • User Experience Design
  • Prototyping
  • Development

In partnering with our customers, our teams have been delivering products in SaaS, Cloud & Mobile. Our team has developed and delivered solutions from complex supply chains to first on-demand spend management solution suite to consumer search engine on the web.

  • New Product Development:
    • Establishing a concept funnel & Concept-Accept Process
    • Rapid Prototyping & Low fidelity validations
    • Minimum Viable Product Definition
    • Design & Development of MVP
    • Validated roll out & Go To Market
  • Current Product Development: Our customers have a deep understanding of their markets, customers, products, and have tremendous institutional knowledge that has been accumulated over many years. We value and leverage that 100%. We partner with our customers to enhance existing products and deliver further versions of same to market -
    • Interpreting strategic product imperative to operational product goals
    • Defining & Planning Product Features with Customer
    • Establishing product plan of record and roadmap
    • Design & Development of Enhancements & revision of product
    • Market launches of revision of product
    • Implementation service to upgrade to product new versions
  • Reverse Engineering & Re-engineering: It takes ingenuity to reverse engineer and re-engineer. Taking things apart, understanding them and putting them back in differently, is a finesse we have developed over time, possess and offer to our customers
    • Assess current architecture, design & technology
    • AS-IS & TO-BE gap Analysis
    • Re-usable component assessment & development
    • Retooling & re-architecting design & development as needed

Given our DNA to develop high quality products, it is only natural that we offer high Quality Engineering Services to our global customers.

Our services range from exceptional thoroughness and discipline of Testing to comprehensive and scalable Test Automation to raising the bar to highest levels through Design for Quality services

Our teams have delivered Test strategy, Testing and Automation services for several of the leading software companies in the industry. They have carried out numerous engagements of black box and white box methods of test case developments for wide range of test activities.

Invaria Quality Engineering practice encompasses entire product development life cycle process. Our practice offering includes

  • Quality Engineering strategy development
  • Test environment configuration & setup
  • Automation strategy, scripting & setup
  • Test plan and test case developments
  • Test execution
  • Dashboard and dynamic reporting
Depending on the needs of our customer and specific product application and usage, we perform wide range of testing.
  • Unit, Integration, System & Acceptance testing
  • Performance testing
  • Scalability testing
  • Reliability testing
  • Security testing
  • Compliance testing
  • Payment gateway testing
  • Usability testing

Invaria uses appropriate mix of commercial and open source tools for testing:

  • Defect Management: Bugzilla, Trac, Mantis, Redmine
  • Unit Testing: Junit, QTP, TestComplete
  • Test Management: HP Quality Center, Rational Test Manager, Xstudio, Testlink
  • Functional Automation: Selenium, Watir, Sahi, Rational Robot, Silk Test
  • Acceptance Testing: Cucumber, Fitnesse, Concordion
  • Continuous Integration: Cruise Control, Hudson, Continuum, Jenkins, Go, TeamCity

A product that is behind the firewall or in the cloud or on mobile devices all fulfill its promises when it is implemented and tailored to meet the specific needs of its end user. We at Invaria recognize this and offer Professional Services that range from implementation to configuration to training to large-scale customizations. At the end of the day the product can be Amazing only if it delivers compelling value to its users.

Our professional services team is vastly experienced in deploying and providing solutions & technical consulting for a wide range of solutions including Supply Chain, Spend Management, ERP, Business Intelligence, Virtualization, Mobility, and Compliance Management to name a few.

Our teams have delivered compelling value to our customers in several emerging & mature industries like Internet, ecommerce, Health Care, Retail, Oil & Gas, Telecom, Automotive and Semiconductor.

Invaria Professional Services practice offering includes

  • Product Implementation Services
  • Product Customization Services
  • Solutions Consultancy
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Program & Project Management Services
  • Infrastructure & Operations Services
  • Education & Training Services

An amazing product with an easy to understand and use, User Experience should naturally require lesser support. That's the theory. However reality is, many of our customers and software vendors work hard to solve complex problems for their customers, provide mission critical solutions for large enterprises and deal with complexities of volume, variety and velocity. This means our customer's end users require instant, high quality support to help them realize the highest benefits of our customers' products and solutions. We help our customers by providing a range of Support services that includes various modes and means to suit today's ever growing user needs and expectations.

Invaria Maintenance & Support practice offering includes

  • Maintenance & Support Strategy development
  • Operations & Cost planning
  • Development of Customer Service Levels
  • On site & Off site Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 Support
  • Maintenance, bug fixes and patch releases of legacy and current products
  • Infrastructure and network monitoring support

Customers who have worked with our teams and our M&S offerings will summarize their benefits in terms of

  • Increase in customer maintenance contract renewals
  • Increase in cross sell and up sell to customer base
  • Significant M&S cost reduction
  • Time to focus on new products, markets & revenue opportunities

Yes the world is flat. Products are conceived, designed, developed and value realized globally. Serving global markets is more critical than ever before for many software product companies. We at Invaria partner with our customers engineering organizations to internationalize products and localize offerings.

Internationalization is an engineering process whose objective is optimizing the design of products so that they can be more easily adapted for delivery in different languages and in locales with different cultural requirements (localization). Internationalization is a precursor to localization and its purpose is both to lower the effort and cost of localization and translation and to increase the speed of accuracy with which localization can be accomplished.

Internationalization and Localization (I18N and L10N) are means of adapting computer software for non-native environments, especially other nations, cultures and environments.

Invaria Internationalization practice offering includes

  • Enriching & retooling product platforms for operating with various language character sets
  • Development of translatable resource libraries
  • Componentizing resource libraries from executables
  • Conversion of images to string variables

Invaria Localization practice offering includes

  • Translation of all user intractable product components
  • Translation of websites and documentation
  • Double character byte enablement for Asian languages
  • Multi-Currency handling
  • Locale setup and conversions of Date, Currency, etc
  • Componentize and develop local API standards