25+ Years of Experience Spanning Multiple Industries

Industry Verticals

The Invaria Team brings in a wealth of experience and expertise in the enterprise software space having worked on a variety of products and developed products in:

  • Supply Chain Management which include planning, optimization, operations, distribution and logistics products.
  • Supplier Relationship Management which manages the inbound side of the supply chain, starting from the design stage, material decision support, supplier management, supplier consolidation etc.
  • ERP, CRM solutions
  • Procurement solutions
  • Spend Management and Spend optimization products
  • Design Solutions

In addition to the above Invaria also brings in a wealth of experience building complex Enterprise Decision support systems. Many of the products developed have also been implemented at Global customer locations with fortune 100 clients. Many of the above products developed had teams ranging for a few to teams that were over a 100 people.

For the past several years, the Invaria team has collaborated Life sciences and information technology to provide solutions to leading Software companies that sell products for the life sciences industy, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and universities. By leveraging our domain knowledge, we have successfully provided innovative products for managing the life cycle of compliance in the pharmaceutical industry, and products that manage several aspects of the health care industry.

Some of the work that we have successfully delivered include:

  • New Product development from ground up
  • Re engineering from old platforms to new technology
  • New feature development on existing products
  • Moving existing products to a SaaS platform

We bring in experience developing application for a variety of customers. Some of the work that we have done in the past include:

  • Building application for managing a variety of operations in the retail banking space
  • Application development for trading
  • Internationalization
  • New product development for audit & control

The team at Invaria has deep experience in building products for Internet and the media industry. Many of these products are developed using agile methodology and with quick turn around cycles. Products developed include small applications that work as features on the web, to work flow management applications.

Invaria also brings in a lot of experience in portal development, blogs, media applications and discussion channels. Our Focus areas include:

  • Electronic media
  • Publishing
  • Social Media
  • Web Analytics
  • Web Content Management